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I am looking for some assistance from all you Jing experts out there. Here is my scenario. I am a bit of a rookie with Jing, but am using it more and more. I recently got my school computer replaced and downloaded Jing onto it without problems. When I attempted to make a video, it was super-slow. The cursor was flashing and when I went to open files, it took forever.

I remember having this problem on a different computer and I got a message giving me instructions to solve the problem, however, I don’t remember what they were. Here is what I remember.

It was in your program menu and it was an ‘Advanced’ button that when you opened, you ‘slid’ an arrow from one side (can’t remember what it was) to the other (which I think was ‘None’). Does this a ring a bell out there? Until I solve this problem, I am ‘Jingless’. Please offer some troubleshooting methods for me if you have any suggestions. Thanks.


2 Responses to “Jing Videos.”

  1. I found Jing slowed down my computer a lot, especially on startup. I finally got rid of it, but will download again soon.

  2. What platform are you using? Ram? I found even with 4 gb the computer was grinding away.
    Not sure about the sliding bar. I will check into it.
    I think in the end it may be a performance issue for your system.

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