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Why the Changes??

Why did WordPress have to change things?  Just when you are getting familiar with a program, they go and make things ‘look’ different ‘behind the scenes’!!

I had a real tough time embedding the video from the last post.  I copied the embed code from YouTube and pasted it into my post . . . saved . . . and it would not work.  I do not know what I actually did to get it to embed properly.  The video finally appeared after I selected ‘edit’ (for the fifteenth time) but the text was missing . . . a blank screen!  I hit save and . . . voila!  Anyone else having troubles or can offer a suggestion of two??


3 Responses to “Why the Changes??”

  1. I hear you. I can’t seem to upload a Word file.

  2. I hate that too – why mess with things when we finally get a grip on where they are at and what they do? I don’t have any suggestions, but I can tell you I empathize because I have had the same issue – it even told me the type of video I was using was not liked by WordPress – argh! I also miss the save draft feature and it then appears at the top of your posts page. The whole look is more busy and less user friendly.

  3. The old adage..upgrade because you can, not because you must….It drives me crazy, especially at the division level. One gets used to a program, and they upgrade it!!! Interface changes and no P.D to support it.

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