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A Technology Leader?!

Our school had some professional development in Moodle.  It is the platform that the division has adopted and encouraged teachers to experiment with and use.  Our school has decided to use it for our homework page so one of the division tech coordinators came to give the inservice . . . basics . . . just enough to get teachers started in creating a link to their classes and how to add and edit content when necessary.  I have been using Moodle for my EC&I major digital project and am somewhat familiar with it.

Throughout the session, many of my colleagues were asking questions.  Some the tech coordinator could not answer . . .but . . . I could!  After the session, the coordinator assumed that I had been instructed how to perform some of the features . . . my response was ‘no’!  I learned through experimentation.

After the session, a couple of our part time teachers (who missed the inservice) came to me to ask about how to use Moodle and the homework page . . . they were directed to me by staff members because ‘I knew what was going on’.  After explaining to two different teachers where to ‘click’, I took 5 minutes and created a seperate class in Moodle for staff tutorials and created a Jing screencast with the ‘directions’ and linked it to the Moodle page.

I have been asked now, to do other screencasts and add them to this tutorial page . . . how to use the gradebook, how to do attendance, etc.  ‘You are taking a leadership role’ were the words that came out of my principal’s mouth.  Who would have thought!!


3 Responses to “A Technology Leader?!”

  1. Way to go Travis. I hope you know how much school systems need people like you. I have blogged about the importance of “just-in-time” support and the need for this in schools. I can only hope that districts will start giving release time for this kind of support. Perhaps the role of the educational consultant needs to change!!

  2. […] my blog, you will have noted the importance I place upon this type of professional development.  TK34’s blog entry is well worth reading as he explains how he has taken on a leadership role (for Moodle) […]

  3. Amazing how things work out. Glad to hear you have be able to learn from playing. That is an important step, and will lead to lots of good things in the future.

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