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Jing Experience.

Well I had my first experience with Jing the last couple of days.  Talk about the lowest of lows . . . and the highest of highs.  I downloaded it onto my school office computer (“The Jalopy”) and created a summary of my digital project for my EC&I 831 class.  All seemed to work well.  Until I went to play the video.  I got audio (for about 10 seconds) and a screen with really nice vertical pinky-orange stripes before ‘the jalopy’ froze.  I wasn’t sure if it was ‘the jalopy’s’ fault or mine (techno-rookie using brand new program).

I wondered if the video played ‘ok’ but just not on the jalopy.  I called a few people late last night (unfortunately they drive a souped up jalopy) so this was not very telling for me.  They also felt ‘warmed’ by the vibrant stripes on my screencast.

I sent a call out to my EC&I classmates and I got some immediate and great feedback . . . thanks guys.  You have been extremely supportive the entire class and I know I have some people out there that can help me in the future . . . isn’t that called a network??  Anyways, some suggested ‘the jalopy’ might be the problem, others were not sure . . . even baffled!  I was not surprised that this would happen to me. 

I am the guy who had a computer turn a 25 page undergraduate paper into a (I kid you not) . . . . . . . . 23 000+ page paper by merely hitting the save key.  No kidding, pages 11 through 21 wrapped themselves continuously until the document was 23 000 pages.  It took me 11 hours to find pages 1 through 10 and 22 to 25.  They were stuck in the middle of the 23 000 pages!! (Hindsight, I could have re-written the paper quicker . . . but ‘I was not doing it again’!!)  Bad things happen to me when we are talking about computers.

I was able to find a newer computer at my school . . . a Cadillac (so to speak) on a portable cart and things are good!!!  I also had the fortune of the tech guys visiting my school today and guess what . . . I am gettin’ a ‘Caddy’ for my office!  Who says ranting and raving doesn’t get you what you want!!  Looks like the old ‘jalopy’ has served it’s tour of duty and is getting discharged . . . thank goodness!!

I am still learning about Jing but I have used it a couple of times and it is a tool I see as very valuable.  I will provide you with the link for my Digital Project Summary.  I am sure you can directly embed it into a blog (somehow) but I am still learning.


4 Responses to “Jing Experience.”

  1. I’m glad you’re getting a ‘Cadilliac’, that will help when working with Jing. Jing is a little program, but it takes a good amout of ‘horsepower’ to run it.

    Good luck with Jing!

  2. Cadillacs are great. Have fun with it. Enjoyed the humor in your blog entry.

  3. Your Jing project is great. Thanks for sharing. One question, is your science 6 page public?

  4. LIke how you’ve combined different pieces, and engaged the parents as well. The blog is a great piece that combines writing and lets them share the journey with you. I’m sure I missed something – I’ll want to go back and listen/watch again.
    Thanks for sharing!

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