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Voicethread Test

Well, I was catching up on many of the posts that my classmates have been posting, and I went into Walter’s blog and looked at his video for his digital project. He recommended Voicethread and Animoto. So I thought I would give it a try. So here it goes my last two hours.

I went to Animoto and set up an account (after watching the tutorial) and I thought this would be really neat to put pictures of Earthquakes and their damage to music (for my digital project) . . . kids like pictures, damage, and music!!! This will be a real hit with my science 6 class. I went to Flickr to get pictures and clicked on many (50 or so) as favorites (thinking they would be of use). Animoto told me I had no pictures in Flickr (after the fact) so I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to upload them. I ended up subscribing to my ‘Flickr Favorites’ to my Google Reader account and was able to upload a few (6). The other pictures in Google Reader would not show!! Flickr sent a message saying that if this occurs, it will often be resolved in 24-48 hours . . . I will keep you posted!! At this point I said “enough with Animoto . . . not enough pictures” and went to Voicethread.

It an set up account, watched a tutorial or two, tried to find a picture (of the 6 I had successfully uploaded to Flickr) and it still would not ‘find / show’ me any of my pictures from Flickr (when I uploaded from Flickr). I am not sure how to solve this problem? So I uploaded from my computer one of the pictures and wrote some text . . . microphone not working at home computer!! I am now attempting to embed into WordPress. Wish me luck!! I am hoping to use this in my digital project with my students.

I am done. It did not work!! I can’t seem to embed my thread any way I try. On my thread there is no link to download WordPress Plug-in (which allows to embed thread on WordPress. Not sure why it isn’t there!! Help anyone. Thanks.


One Response to “Voicethread Test”

  1. If you are having issues with photos, try downloading them to your desktop first and then have Animoto or Voicethread upload the images from the desktop. You will have fewer conflicts with other programs. You can always delete the photos from your desktop once you have created the project. It may take a little bit more time in the beginning, but way less frustration in the end.

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