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Inspirational Leader

I experienced yet another ‘shot of adrenaline’ with regards to the importance and potential technology can offer education. My EC&I class had the privilege of Chris Lehmann as a guest speaker On Wednesday, March 25th. Chris is the Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, and this school and it’s students are very fortunate to have him.

Chris is very passionate about technology’s place in education and is the leader of a cutting edge school that models itself around its implementation in every aspect of schooling. The staff, timetable, resources . . . everything fosters a learning environment that promotes and embraces technology.

This was a very inspirational discussion from a very passionate man. I found myself (at many times throughout his discussion) nodding my head in agreement, constantly (albeit silently) commending him for the steps he has taken, the barriers he has overcome, and his perseverance and commitment to making it happen. He is someone that we can all learn from and aspire to be like. Our schools would be better places for it. Thanks Chris.

If you want to be inspired, I strongly encourage you to listen to the Elluminate recording of the session with Chris. It will be well worth your time.


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