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Choice Fatigue . . . No Kidding!

As a self-proclaimed technological ‘rookie’, I experienced a very interesting discussion on March 18th in my EC&I 831 class. I listened to Brian Lamb and D’Arcy Norman discuss many issues . . . most of which I did not understand!! I really felt ‘over my head’ (so to speak) with regards to much of their discussion. I was introduced to jargon such as repositories, metadata, granular (to name a few) that really left me scratching my head. They discussed many very important points that when I attempted to sift through the jargon, made complete sense to me and got me thinking.

They mentioned the term “choice fatigue”. The fact there are so many different options (programs / softwares / online tools etc) for users to use, there can be an sense of being overwhelmed with it all. This is a concept that I have experienced throughout this class. I have been introduced to so many programs and technological terms that my head has spun on many occasions. The key message from the presenters is to remember is that you cannot understand and master them all. Experiment with them, select one (or two, or a few . . . what you can handle) that suits your needs and run with it. Take it for a ‘test drive’ and if it works, great!! If not, go back to the drawing board.

This is something I can assure you works. I have dabbled with a few technologies and have returned to the drawing board a few times. Before this class started, I used e-mail and Microsoft Word (on a good day I would try Power Point!!). Today, my ‘tool-kit’ (compared to 2 1/2 months ago) is over-flowing.

Although modest to many of you, I have two blogs, a Moodle page for my Science 6 class, subscribe to many other blogs and manage them through Google Reader, have created a You-Tube video, introduced SmartBoard Technology into my classes, and have started to create and implement even more flexible learning opportunities for my students through my Moodle page (just to name a few). Before listening to D’Arcy and Brian, I was asking myself, ‘I am doing enough’? I think that I am!

I will (most likely) never be as ‘connected’ as others, but for me, I have taken a giant step!! Thanks D’Arcy and Brian for your very simple, yet effective advice.


One Response to “Choice Fatigue . . . No Kidding!”

  1. I feel the same as you Travis. Like you ,before this class, I also only used e-mail, microsoft word, and Powerpoint. Now, I know what blogging and wikis are and how one can use them in their classrooms but also to connect with the world.I also liked the idea of selecting one or two ideas that suits your needs and run with it.I think everyone’s learning curve was at different levels in this class, and I know everyone will leave this class with more learning than less. Obviously, you and I did!

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