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Blog Problems

I was having some difficulties ‘personalizing’ my blog . . . my lack of knowledge really hit home the other night when I attempted to get my blogroll to appear on my blog page. Over an hour later, with many different clicks, help menus, and unsuccessful attempts I gave up!!

I am seeking the assistance of anyone out there who can possibly help me out. I am obviously doing something wrong or there is some little element of the WordPress program that I am missing, but I can’t get by blogroll to show on the side of my page. First of all, is this possible (I am assuming it is because I have seen it on others) and secondly, how do you do it?

I would appreciate any feedback.


2 Responses to “Blog Problems”

  1. I don’t know if I am the right one to be helping you since I am new to all this too, but I did add it to my blog and I think that all that you do is go to “My Dashboard” > “Blogroll” tab > “Add Link”. Then you just have to type in what you want the name to be, the URL, a description (if you want – I haven’t done that), then choose a category in the right hand menu (you can also add categories if you like) and then click “Add Link”. It should then appear on your page.

    Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you more 🙂

  2. Let me know if you still have issues after reading Connie. That was basically what I was going to suggest.

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