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Digital Project Update

Although a work in progress, I introduced my classes to my digital project. I toured them through my Science 6 class on my Moodle page and showed them where I was at and where I was hoping to go. I clicked my way around the different links, opening websites and documents that the students have already seen (to a few ‘wows’) and where they were headed. I showed them the link to my blog (not this one, but the one I have started for them to read and use as a communication tool) and encouraged them to ‘snoop around’ and comment. The response was great. I was really excited. I got lots of positive feedback from the students about the blog and the Moodle. There were some difficulties (videos wouldn’t load or did not even show up) but for the most part I think it was a success. I think this because I unveiled it and bailed!! I had administrative meetings so I left all this technology and excitement in the hands of Mr. Yee, my ‘go-to’ substitute teacher.

The one problem (according to my Educational Assistant) was that the students were not used to the independent type of learning . . . reading instructions, following links, gathering information etc. Today, I was there to witness this first hand. Usually (in the classroom setting) there are a few hands up needing assistance, but today I felt like a kindergarten teacher must feel on the first couple of days of school . . . it was chaos!! Every student constantly had their hand up and (from my perception) could not do anything on their own!! My excitement went from the highest of highs (all the positive feedback from my site and blog) to the lowest of lows (the fact that the students really struggled) in less than 24 hours.

Many students (once I walked them through all the instructional components) didn’t want to visit my blog today (I made sure to put a new post in because of the response I had yesterday) and I had to make many of them turn off the “Alex the Alligator” game and go to my blog (like I asked them to). I wanted them to respond on how they felt about the different type of learning. More independent, self-directed with the use of technology. I feel like I got my answer . . . I am losing to an alligator!!


2 Responses to “Digital Project Update”

  1. I can understand your frustration Travis. This is going to be a new way for the kids to learn, and it is going to take them time to get their heads around it. It’s disheartening sometimes, as they are all too comfortable with the “sit and get” mode of operation. It’s a big jump for them to get to feeling comfortable with a “messy” way of learning.

    I have to admit – I’ve come to realize the same thing about myself as a learner…it is much easier to have someone else direct it, monitor it, and keep me on track. Recognizing this has really hit home for me in terms of the expectations I would have for my students. Change takes time.

    Hang in there…they’ll come around.

  2. Travis, I am interested in how you set up your Moodle page. I looks great and I once had download Moodle to try and do something with it. Time and uncertainty of what to do caused me to push it aside. Was this something you set up or was it set up for you and you add things to do. It looks great and I’m sure as students continue to use it, the alligator will be forgotten. Send me an email if we can talk about this further.

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