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What Are You Afraid Of?

Last Wednesday our EC&I 831 class had a great discussion on media awareness and the discussion evolved into one potential problems that can arise with the use of on-line tools. One question that was posed to us was ‘what are you afraid of?’. Our class has been introduced to numerous web-tools and their implications on today’s education. We are currently involved in developing digital projects, many of which use web-tools and these tools are being incorporated into our classrooms and being used by our students.

I am extremely ‘nervous’ and reluctant to put anything online about myself or my family. At the beginning of the course, I needed to put out a video about myself as an introductory activity to the course. I did not want to do this!! I pictured my video being ‘altered’ in such a way that could be damaging to my character. I might be wrong but I am sure someone out there could take a simple video and have the ability to voice over my actual words, change my appearance etc. in a negative way and put the ‘new me’ out there for everyone to see. I do not want to have to deal the the possibility of losing my job or embarrassing my friends and family!!

As the course had evolved, I feel more comfortable being part of ‘the net’. I guess I am walking ‘the fine line’. I want to create an online network, I see the benefits, but I still don’t want to ‘put myself out there’ any more than I have to!! I do not know enough about the web and its tools to feel comfortable and safe on the web. Hopefully I am wrong!!

In their blogs, Rosanne, Lori, and Shawn posted and article which discussed a Ryerson student who faces expulsion for his use of Facebook as a means of an on-line study tool. Essentially, this is something that concerns me. This student potentially faces an extreme ‘black mark’ on his academic record. A mark that could potentially effect his future. If I put myself out there, might I somehow get myself into ‘hot water’? Maybe it is complete paranoia on my part, but is there this much of a potential risk? Other classmates of mine mentioned ‘losing their jobs’ as a big concern. How much of a concern is it??


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