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Unveiling . . . Part 2!

Technology, isn’t it great.  For those that attempted to browse my digital project for my EC&I 831 class, you might have run into some technical difficulties!!  The link I provided to my Moodle page did not take you to my page but to the school division page.  When I tried the link (before I published the post) it went right to my page after you logged in as a guest.  I guess a direct link must be some sort of ‘taboo’ that I did not know about.  Maybe someone knows a better (more efficient way) to access the page.  I would love any suggestions!!  For now, let’s try it again!!

Take this link and log in under guest.  This should take you to the division page. . . Okay.  I just tried the link and it went right to my page this time!!  Hopefully this will work for you.  Let me know if it doesn’t.


One Response to “Unveiling . . . Part 2!”

  1. Hi Travis. Took the link to your course in both postings and it worked fine.
    I’m curious about “not registering students” in your course. I see many other courses in your district, some closed to guest access so I am assuming students need to log in. Could you describe more about the issue you are having? Is it policy? Technical?


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