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Digital Project Unveiling!

I thought I would show you my modest digital project for my EC&I 831 class. I am setting up a Moodle page for my Science 6 class. I am hoping to keep it updated and incorporate as much technology into the site as possible (at least where it permits itself). I have found there to be some ‘issues’ so far. The main one being that I can’t really use all the capabilities of Moodle until I have enrolled students into my classes. At this point in time, I (and my school division) is not ready to do this. Without this capability, I cannot set up true online/interactive features such as chat) . . . which is maybe a good thing (not sure if I would be ready)

For now it will serve as a communication tool between myself and my students and their parents (or whoever else might want to ‘visit’) I have started a new blog that I have linked to the Moodle page so parents can communicate with me and keep up to date.

Feel free to check it out and give any feedback. Follow this link and it should take you right to my page.  Some of the information is hidden and there are only a few sections to look at but it is a start!!


3 Responses to “Digital Project Unveiling!”

  1. I love the look! I’ll pop in soon!

  2. Travis, I’ll be curious to see how the Moodle experiment works out. Our division is using it extensively as part of our distance education program but I have wondered if it would work in a non-high school environment. Good luck and I may follow your lead and try it myself.

  3. When I go in, I see ALL the courses. Which one specifically is yours?

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