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Net “Work” ing?!

I just listened in on a great discussion led by George Siemens that made me really consider the whole issue of developing on-line networks in today’s society. He touched on two key points that emulate my life. The first point brought up revolved around the information explosion that we are experiencing on-line. George was right . . . there is a sense of fatigue when it comes to all the information out there that can be consumed. He also mentions that the field of technology is such a complex field to understand (to those unfamiliar with it) that a self proclaimed ‘rookie’ like myself does experience “Death by Jargon” and often during conversations with more experienced “techies”, my eyes do in fact glaze over and I have difficulty making any sense of this technology thing. It is a lot of “work” to get networked!!

Then the old “hey rookie, get with it” slap in the face occurred. My backhand came when a second point was brought up by a classmate (Connie). She asked George about the issue of young children . . . his thoughts on whether or not a child can be too young to be involved in on-line networking. He explained that networks are a form of learning and a type of learning, something that all children (regardless of age) can benefit from. He also mentioned something that I am very familiar with (while discussing this point) . . . Webkinz.

I am a father of two young daughters (7 and 5) who love Webkinz and continually ask mom and dad if they can go on Webkinz. As a parent (who is trying to be responsible . . . and get a minute of piece and quiet once and a while!) I wonder about the value of such websites, however, allow them to go visit their virtual pets in the virtual world. I am amazed at what technological skills they have picked up and the network they have formed through Webkinz. They have a network of friends, take their virtual pets over to their friends virtual pet’s house, and also send messages and gifts to their friends. They are more ‘networked’ than their old dad!! I thought networking was “work”? My kids are having fun!! I guess the ‘old man’ can learn a lot from his kids. Maybe they can show me how to use Twitter!!


4 Responses to “Net “Work” ing?!”

  1. I can so relate to what you’re going through. My boys have been playing World of Warcraft (networking involved) for awhile now and I finally experienced it the other day. I actually enjoyed myself and I’m not one for any type of video games. My youngest, 11 years old, was teaching an old dog new tricks. It’s amazing what kids know today. I am also a “rookie” and I’m also hoping my kids will show me how to use Twitter (ha!ha!). Good luck!

  2. It’s really amazing what kids can pick up via play, and it seems to be something that adults never get a chance to do … or want to when they get the time. Love your play on the title of this post.

    Keep pushing, keep exploring, and continue to understand what motivates your children and your students. With that under your belt, you’ll do just fine in all of this.

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  4. Kids are usually way ahead of their parents with regards to the net. My biggest thrill lately was telling my 18 year old son about Twitter. For once I knew about something before him! He was real cool when I showed him how it worked but I wonder secretly if he’s using. Hmmm….

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