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Just found out that there is a Webkinz blog!! I was going through the comments I received for my last Blog (Net “Work” ing) and I had a Moderation Queue that I followed. The link led me to a Webkinz blog. You have to be kidding me!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! This is just confirmation about how ‘out of the loop’ I really am.

PS – I subscribed to the Webkinz blog . . . they are such cute little guys!


One Response to “Blog Response”

  1. Don’t get me started on webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I dislike them (probably because I hear about them all day long, 5 days a week) They are very cute little creatures and my students writing has definately improved. Everyone in my class loves to write about their webkin and the items they are making or buy for them.I have never seen such creative and descriptive writing until now. Thanx for letting me know about the blog. I wonder if any of my students are blogging about their cute, little creature.

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