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It’s OK to be Selfish?

February 28, 2008

I have received many responses to my last post “There is Still Hope ” which I wrote after hearing a discussion by Dean Shareski. The comments I have received continue to bring up one key point . . . being selfish. I read Ryan Flood’s post where he wrote the following: Dean’s 1st point of […]

There is Still Hope!!

February 27, 2008

I had the privilege of listening to a presentation by Dean Shareski on his ‘Journey into Connected Learning’ . . . and it gave me hope!! Dean reminisced into his past and it reminded me of my childhood . . . and to a certain extent, my current situation!! As a child, I was not […]

Spheres of Influence

February 13, 2008

Just listened to a session by Sharon Peters which was very informative. Sharon encouraged us to consider who makes up the company we keep and to branch out (or continue to branch out) to include the internet, its users, and its tools as an extension of who you are . . . to be digital […]

Blog Response

February 6, 2008

Just found out that there is a Webkinz blog!! I was going through the comments I received for my last Blog (Net “Work” ing) and I had a Moderation Queue that I followed. The link led me to a Webkinz blog. You have to be kidding me!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! This is […]

Net “Work” ing?!

February 6, 2008

I just listened in on a great discussion led by George Siemens that made me really consider the whole issue of developing on-line networks in today’s society. He touched on two key points that emulate my life. The first point brought up revolved around the information explosion that we are experiencing on-line. George was right […]