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Finally, some time!!

I must admit, as a ‘rookie blogger’ I am continuing to find it hard to set aside regular times to keep up with my thoughts. Like most of you, I am also quite busy. Even when I say to myself ‘I am going to sit down and blog’, something comes up . . . coaching my daughters hockey game because the coach was sick, reffing a basketball game because the ref couldn’t make it, something always seems to come up, but I finally found some precious time and I am going to use it.

I decided to focus my most recent math unit (fractions . . . grade 6) using the Smartboard. I found many valuable lessons that I used (and tweeked) to assist my traditional methods of teaching in a unit that students traditionally find difficult. I just finished marking their exams and I was amazed with the scores . . . more success than my students have ever achieved. Although it was a lot of work, the time was rewarding and well worth the effort. There is something to be said with the use of technology and a more hands-on approach to learning.

At the beginning of the unit I asked my students how many of them like fractions, almost all of them said ‘no’!! I asked why, and they basically said ‘we don’t get it’! When I asked them the same question following their exam, they unanimously agreed that the Smartboard approach was enjoyable for them, but also brought some clarity to concepts that were distant to them in the past.

I will attempt to continue to use this technology . . . who can argue with success!


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